Building Better Relationships

Building Better Relationships Training Course

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” George Bernard Shaw

In everything we do in and out of work, communication is cited as the biggest reason for success and the biggest reason for failure. It really is the ‘difference that makes the difference’.

It’s important to have a ‘performance culture’ in your team, the benefits are endless. This one-day course equips you with the skills and tools to create a performance culture through the power of communication

After attending you’ll be able to

  • Recognise the key ingredients of Trust are why it’s so important
  • Discuss why your own ‘Personal Brand’ is critical to great relationships
  • Recognise your own (and your followers’) levels of Accountability
  • Identify some ways to adapt behaviours to build better relationships
  • Recognise how confidence impacts relationships

Not only does this one-day course help leaders and managers improve trust with teams and individuals. It also helps them to recognise how accountable (or not) they are personally and the accountable levels of their followers.

You’ll also get some ‘real life’ skills to help foster better communication with individuals or groups who need it.

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