Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging

Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging Training Course

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” Martin Luther King, Jr

Most organisations recognise that equality is not just the right thing to do legally, commercially and ethically, but it’s the right thing to do morally. Wherever your journey towards a diverse culture is at, many leaders find it challenging.

Many leaders are scared of doing the ‘wrong thing’, or are worried about saying something that may be inappropriate. Many leaders are also confused with some of the language and terms used, or are unsure of what they should and should not be challenging or ignoring.

This one-day course helps tackle some of those worries. Helping leaders recognise that the only way that all team members feel fully valued and able to bring their ‘full selves’ to work is through discussion, understanding, empathy, recognition and accountability. This course helps leaders to become more diverse and create a culture of psychological safety. Helping you to change your cultures for the better and grow as a team and business.

During this course, we will

  • Discuss what an Equal, Diverse and Inclusive culture looks and feels like, and the benefits
  • Research some EDI cases
  • Discuss Unconscious bias and recognise some of our own bias
  • Practise techniques to become more self-aware, and create an open accepting culture

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Events are £249 + VAT at Agenda Partnership Training Centre in Corby (lunch and refreshments included). Book your place today by emailing training@agendapartnership.co.uk


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