Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Training Course

“What really matters for success, character, happiness and lifelong achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ — not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests.” Daniel Goleman

We define Emotional Intelligence (or EI) as the ability to: Recognise, perceive, use, understand and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others.

When we’re aware of our own and others’ emotions we can drive required behaviours and outcomes in ourselves and in others. EI is important in every interaction with every person, every day.

After research by The Harvard Business School, they determined that EQ (Emotional Quota) counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be successful. A 2003 Harvard Business Review reported that 80% of competencies that differentiate top performers from others are in the domain of Emotional Intelligence.

What does the course cover?

  • The what and why of Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • How your EI is made up
  • Your EI strengths and development areas
  • Emotional Intelligence techniques to improve your business relationships.

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Events are £249 + VAT at Agenda Partnership Training Centre in Corby (lunch and refreshments included). Book your place today by emailing training@agendapartnership.co.uk


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