Excel for Beginners

Excel for Beginners Training Course

Our Excel for Beginners programme assumes no knowledge of Excel whatsoever. There will be no assessment/tests associated with the training – the goal is to be able to coach all candidates to be able to confidently apply the learnings to their business scenarios

The training covers the following:

  • Excel basics – structure, file handling, features and functionality of Excel overview
  • Performing mathematics and using functions
  • Cell formatting and presentation, as well as Excel “out of the box” tools such as themes
  • Getting your Excel information into other applications
  • Performing mathematics in Excel – Using functions, operators and formatting to handle numeric data, rounding, logical operators
  • Basic functions: SUM, AVERAGE
  • Absolute values, referencing and ranges
  • Searching and sorting

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Events are £249 + VAT at Agenda Partnership Training Centre in Corby (lunch and refreshments included). Book your place today by emailing training@agendapartnership.co.uk


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