Having Courageous Conversations

Having Courageous Conversations Training Course

A leader’s ability to have a courageous conversation is a real strength. Many leaders worry about courageous conversations. Some of the things leaders worry about are when to have courageous conversations, or when not to have them and how the conversations might go.

This one-day course helps leaders to dispel the worries above. The course provides a framework and structure to work from when conducting a courageous conversation
In this course, you’ll use real-life scenarios to practise conducting courageous conversations and handling conflict.

This helps when building and maintaining a performance culture. It also helps with clear communication and levels of accountability with your teams, stakeholders and clients.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Define the what, why and how of courageous conversations
  • Appreciate different types of courageous conversations
  • Use a number of tools to use conflict, constructively, to help progress your courageous conversations.
  • Conduct “in the moment coaching” making your Courageous Conversations even stronger.

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Events are £249 + VAT at Agenda Partnership Training Centre in Corby (lunch and refreshments included). Book your place today by emailing training@agendapartnership.co.uk


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