Managing Mindfulness in the Workplace

Managing Mindfulness in the Workplace Training Course

Too much pressure and stress in the workplace can adversely affect performance, creativity, motivation and communication. It can lead to confused thinking, irrational decision-making and can have an adverse impact on our health in the short and sometimes longer term.

This practical 1-day workshop will encourage you to think about what you can do to regain control, to build your resilience and in doing so impact positively on your ‘wellbeing’. It will also encourage you to explore the importance of social support networks in managing stress and how building networks can sustain this and help others.

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the causes, signs and symptoms relating to stress in the workplace
  • Apply a number of tools in order to manage stressors, build greater personal resilience in dealing with stressful situations and to improve your overall ‘wellbeing’
  • Build on ‘personal belief’ as a resource for managing stress
  • Identify the importance of social support in managing stress and build networks to sustain this
  • Begin to develop strategies for managing your ‘personal stressors’ and improving resilience and wellbeing in the workplace.

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