Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Training Course

The number one fear in the world according to the National Institute of Mental Health is the fear of public speaking. It may seem bizarre to some, but it is real concern for many people. Whether you are selling a product, communicating a strategy or trying to get funding for a project, the ability to present well is fundamental to success.

Presenting well is a key life skill with many, many applications. It is a fact that we are always presenting no matter what we do! This 2 day course is a prudent self- investment and covers the skills required to present in a compelling way.

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • identify their natural strengths and have a clear understanding of their development areas
  • consider and adapt their style for the relevant audience
  • understand the differences between informative, demonstrative, persuasive or inspirational presentations
  • start to use storytelling techniques
  • encourage and handle questions
  • control elements of their voice and body language to change the impact they wish to create
  • state the techniques used to inspire and motivate

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