Winning Negotiation Skills

Winning Negotiation SkillsTraining Course

“Negotiation and discussion are the greatest weapons we have for promoting peace and development.” Nelson Mandela

In business, as in everyday life, we have the need to negotiate or manage conflict leading to a better deal or a more desirable outcome. The Negotiation and Conflict Management course gives leaders, managers, salespeople, buyers and those who need to negotiate or manage conflict, a range of great tools and techniques to get better outcomes more of the time.

Not only does this one-day course help attendees become more aware of the different plays that can be used when negotiating or managing conflict. The course also helps attendees prepare and align strategies for real-life examples of negotiation or conflict management. Helping attendees consider, work on and plan for real work or home-based negotiation issues. The course also helps attendees see how the different plays can be used together during negotiation or conflict management.

What does the course cover?

  • What is negotiation? why is it essential for successful people?
  • How to balance ‘Cooperativeness’ and ‘Assertiveness’ when negotiating,
  • Plan and apply the 5 Negotiating Management strategies to real life scenarios
  • How to use additional negotiating Management tools and techniques

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